This privately owned island sits a 30 min boat ride away off the coast of the increasingly popular town of Bangsaphan which is a 2-3 hour journey by car, bus or train, south of Hua Hin.

Half-day trips to the island can be arranged from a local ticket office and the price is 300 Baht per person.

Excursions depart Bangsaphan at 9.00am and return at 1.00pm. Try to avoid weekends when things can get really busy. Alternatively, you can charter your own boat and 3,500 Baht should be enough for you to find your own “private location”.

You can also book trips to Koh Talu direct from Hua Hin however there is around 3 hours travelling each way invloved.

Inland, tropical evergreen rainforest covers the island and trekking is possible. Other activities include kayaking and sailing but most of these are arranged by the sole resort on the island.

Koh Talu scuba diving and snorkelling

Koh Talu has lovely palm fringed beaches and a shallow reef that is ideal for snorkelling. Fish life is thriving and you’ll see parrotfish, wrasse, seargent major fish and a good variety of hard coral.

It is the closest place to Hua Hin that you can go scuba diving with depths at around 14 meters max and visibility from 5 to 15 meters. It is ideal for beginners as currents are weak and there are some good coral formations in the depths and around the smaller islands off Koh Talu. More information can be found on the Bangsaphan Guide. Take a look also at our South of Hua Hin forum for disussion on other nearby areas of interest.

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